Custom Homes Testimonials

Our customers tell us that our homes are examples of fine craftsmanship, cost considerably less to heat and cool than their neighbors' homes, and are healthy and more comfortable for their families.  Your family and friends will feel the difference too the moment they walk in the door of your new SolAire home.  Here are some of  the comments we've heard:

In a new 4316 sq ft home with a ground source heat pump a proud homeowner says: “So, we moved into our new SolAire home July 28, 2009.  We entertained guests for 2 different weekends (and had a full house) and were there for most of the month. Temperatures hit a high of 99 degrees early in the month and then 98 degrees later in the month. The A/C never went on and our indoor temperature stayed between 68 and 74 degrees. Our Aug Pac Power bill was $39.45.  We had a gross usage of 507 kWh and PV generation of 142 kWh, for a net usage of 365 kWh for the 30 billing days.  Our usage charges were $26.97 with another $12.48 in overhead (taxes, Blue Sky charges, etc). We used less than $1 in natural gas for cooking. Energy efficiency works!”


"I want to congratulate you on your many awards, including "Best in Show" in the 2009 Tour of Homes!  Your home in Awbrey Glen is a superb example of fine craftsmanship.  It's very unique and livable home which I'm sure the owners will enjoy for many years.  I truely enjoyed getting to see it."

"Before selecting SolAire, I interviewed four builders. We selected SolAire Homebuilders because of their design service, reasonable fees, and the well-organized manner in which they conducted our meetings."

"I have asthma.  That is originally why I chose to build a SolAire home. I breathe easier when I'm inside my home.  The low VOC finishes, the clean air filtration system, and the tight house construction have made my home more comfortable than I could have ever imagined."

"They did a quality job. Most impressive, however, was their continuous attention to detail, responsiveness to owner input, and above all, absolute integrity.  Clearly, SolAire's performance was far above the industry norm."

"Roger and I are just so thankful to work with an honest and trustworthy outfit to build a quality home...too many folks around the community have NOT been as lucky with their general's."

"I just wanted to say a big THANKS again for building us such a nice, warm, cozy, wonderful home.  Coming home is one of the highlights of my day; I get to relax with Jen and the cats, and the home you've created for us is the perfect place.   I have referred you to many people, and I hope some have chosen you as their builder.  Congratulations on your Green Builder award, and thank you for your recent charitable donation to Resource!"


Home Remodel Testimonials

"We are very pleased with the addition of an office to our home that was done by SolAire Homebuilders. Mike O'Neil stopped by almost every day to ensure that the work was being done properly, and made a suggestion on the skylight that was terrific. We were also very impressed with the quality of the subcontractors that SolAire used. It was clear to me they value the relationship they have with SolAire. Lastly, all subs did a darn good job of cleaning up after themselves!"
John Holmberg, July 18,2007


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